Monday, June 25, 2012

Day Ten

6/25/2012- Taking a night off of Albums and Blogging, so here's just the notes from math today.

Multiplication Bingo Game
Division Board

Day Nine

6/23/2012- Super Awesome Presentation of Decanomial

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day Eight

6/21/2012- Is this really a post before mid night!?!? I think so! Well today was actually really fun for me. Since we are on memorization techniques for the operations, it is a lot less pictures and a lot more listening, so my knees are starting to feel better. Everyone is hitting their breaking points, and I don't know how much longer I can take all the crying without crying myself. Anyway, to add some humor to the crying situation, and tie it in with ABC books from language, here's a photo to put a smile on your face.

Well, although I have spent several nights working on my language album I am still not quite there, so just bare with me, hopefully that posting will be up this weekend.

In Math today we worked on Subtraction Bingo Game (which is in Day Seven's Posting with the subtraction stuff), Multiplication Bead Board, Multiplication Finger Chart, Multiplication Half Chart, Multiplication Snake Game, Skip Counting and Geometric Form, and some Multiplication Bead Bar Activities.

Multiplication Bead Board

Multiplication Finger Chart

Multiplication Half Chart

Multiplication Snake Game

Skip Counting and Geometric Form

Multiplication Bead Bar Activities

Day Seven

6/20/2012- Sorry for the late post. I intentionally left both my Math Album and Computer at school so that I could have a day to focus on my Language Album and then sleep! It kind of back fired though because all today I was thinking about what wasn't done in my math album. Anyways, I did get my sleep which was nice. So again sorry for the late post but here it is.

In Math on Wednesday we did Addition Bingo Game, Bead Bar Activities for Addition, Special Combination for Addition, Addition Word Problems, The Subtraction Strip Board, Subtraction Finger Chart, Subtraction Snake Game, Special Cases for Subtraction, Subtraction Word Problems, and although we did this on day Eight I am also including the Subtraction Bingo Game in this post.

Addition Bingo Game

Bead Bar Activities for Addition

Special Combination for Addition

Addition Word Problems
     *This Weekend I will Find a good source for Word Problems and let ya know.
The Subtraction Strip Board

Subtraction Finger Chart

Subtraction Snake Game

Special Cases for Subtraction

Subtraction Word Problems

Subtraction Bingo Game

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Six

6/19/12- The sign explains my feelings about today. I feel as though my brain is about to explode from all the information I have been taking in over the past six days. However, today my brain just hit a wall of too much information and I really felt as though my head could not be packed with information anymore.
I brought my language albums home to work on but of course everyday I seem to obsess about Math... So here's another only Math Blog; hopefully tomorrow will be some language and such.
Today in math we were shown the 3rd Presentation on The Hierarchal Materials: Racks and tubes. Then we started on Addition Memorization which used the Addition Strip Board, Whole Finger Chart, and Snake Game- Memorization of Addition.

3rd Presentation on The Hierarchical Materials: Racks and Tubes 

Addition Memorization 

Addition Strip Board  

Whole Finger Chart

Snake Game- Memorization of Addition

Day Five

6/18/12- Well if you care to know how I was feeling today, one of my fellow trainees (Thanks Jen) captured the moment quite well with this photo: TIRED! Yes, I briefly fell asleep for a quick moment in time during presentations today! But that afternoon coffee sure gave me a nice pick me up- Thanks Lisa. Despite being tired from such a long weekend I learned so much today! It's just so exciting to have that ahhh ha moment during math, and experience it just as a child would.
Towards the end of training today I received a phone call from my Hubby saying that he has been offered the job we have been hoping for, so of course after class we had to celebrate! The only point to that story is that it is 11:30, I have energy to post because I am so excited that the Hubby will be home more, but I will only have the energy to once again, only post the math lessons from today. That being said, I promise I will do a thorough Language Album posting sometime this week.

Today in Math we had lessons on: Small Bead Frame with Multiplication by 10, 100, and 1000, Small bead frame with a One-Digit Multiplier, Division with whole numbers using Golden Beads, Stamp Game Distributive Division, Stamp Game Group Division, and Division with Hierarchical Materials: Racks and tubes.

Small Bead Frame with Multiplication by 10, 100, and 1000 

Small bead frame with a One-Digit Multiplier
 If Children Know their Math Facts then Bead Frame with One Digit Multiplier is much Simplier

Division with whole numbers using Golden Beads

Stamp Game Distributive Division

Stamp Game Group Division

Division with Hierarchical Materials: Racks and Tubes

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day Four

6/14/12- Sorry, this post is four days late! We had Friday off so I'd figure I would get this post done then but with the events from this past weekend, it just did not get done. So here's the Math postings for last Thursday's lessons.

In math we did, Small Bead Frame Subtraction, Multiplication with Golden Beads, Stamp Game Multiplication, and Golden Mat Multiplication.

Small Bead Frame Subtraction (same as Large Bead Frame) 

Multiplication with Golden Beads

Stamp Game Multiplication

Golden Mat Multiplication