Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day Eight

6/21/2012- Is this really a post before mid night!?!? I think so! Well today was actually really fun for me. Since we are on memorization techniques for the operations, it is a lot less pictures and a lot more listening, so my knees are starting to feel better. Everyone is hitting their breaking points, and I don't know how much longer I can take all the crying without crying myself. Anyway, to add some humor to the crying situation, and tie it in with ABC books from language, here's a photo to put a smile on your face.

Well, although I have spent several nights working on my language album I am still not quite there, so just bare with me, hopefully that posting will be up this weekend.

In Math today we worked on Subtraction Bingo Game (which is in Day Seven's Posting with the subtraction stuff), Multiplication Bead Board, Multiplication Finger Chart, Multiplication Half Chart, Multiplication Snake Game, Skip Counting and Geometric Form, and some Multiplication Bead Bar Activities.

Multiplication Bead Board

Multiplication Finger Chart

Multiplication Half Chart

Multiplication Snake Game

Skip Counting and Geometric Form

Multiplication Bead Bar Activities

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